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Croatia, one of the oldest wine regions in the world

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Where can I buy Croatian wine?

Consumers can visit the webshop For B2B you have come to the right place at, the importer and distributor of Croatian wine in the Benelux.

Unveiling the Essence of Croatian Wine: A Journey Through History and Flavour

Welcome to the world of Croatian wine, where centuries of tradition meld with modern viticulture to produce wines of exceptional quality and character. Nestled along the stunning Adriatic coast and rolling landscapes, Croatia's wine regions boast a rich history dating back to ancient times, showcasing diverse terroirs and indigenous grape varieties. From the sun-kissed vineyards of Dalmatia to the picturesque landscapes of Istria and Slavonia, each sip of Croatian wine encapsulates the essence of the Mediterranean climate and a passion for winemaking passed down through generations.

Discover the magic of Croatian wines as we guide you through a delightful journey of flavours, aromas, and the unique tales that define this extraordinary wine-growing nation. Cheers to a taste of Croatia's remarkable viniculture!

Discovering Croatia's Unique Wines: Diversity, Terroirs, and Indigenous Grapes

Croatian wine stands as a true testament to the nation's rich viticultural heritage, capturing a unique essence that sets it apart on the global stage. This uniqueness stems from a multitude of factors, including the diversity of the country's wine regions, the varying climate zones, and an extensive list of indigenous grape varieties.

One of the remarkable aspects of Croatian wine is the sheer diversity found within its borders. Croatia is home to several distinct wine regions, each offering a different experience for enthusiasts. The coastal region of Dalmatia, with its sunny Mediterranean climate, yields robust red wines like Plavac Mali and elegant white wines such as Pošip. In Istria, a picturesque peninsula, the climate is more temperate, giving rise to exceptional Malvazija Istarska whites and Teran reds. Further inland in Slavonia, where the continental climate prevails, Graševina thrives and produces crisp, aromatic whites.

The Croatian wine story is woven into its varied climate zones, which contribute to the distinct character of the wines. From the Adriatic coast's Mediterranean climate to the continental and sub-Mediterranean climates further inland, each area imparts its signature qualities to the grapes, creating a kaleidoscope of flavours and aromas.

However, what truly sets Croatian wine apart is its abundance of indigenous grape varieties. Croatia boasts a staggering number of over 130 indigenous grape varieties, some of which are found nowhere else in the world. These unique grapes, deeply rooted in Croatian soil and history, offer an exceptional array of tastes and profiles. Varietals like Plavac Mali, Babić, and Dingač are synonymous with Dalmatia, presenting bold, full-bodied red wines that encapsulate the essence of the sun-soaked coast.

In summary, Croatian wine's distinctiveness lies in its rich tapestry of diverse regions, climatic influences, and an impressive roster of indigenous grape varieties. It's a delightful voyage through a land where tradition meets innovation, crafting wines that tell the story of a nation with a rich winemaking legacy.

Where can I buy Croatian wine?

Consumers can visit the webshop For B2B you have come to the right place at, the importer and distributor of Croatian wine in the Benelux.

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